Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some May Arts Ribbon Creations

I have a few projects to share today using May Arts ribbon. I recently won my choice of 3 spools in a contest from Carta Bella (can't wait to get my hands on their paper... hopefully tomorrow is the happy day!), and I noticed after looking at these projects that they all use the same ribbon. (Even though my stash includes tons of other choices from May Arts!) Oh, Well! It's pretty and new, what can I say?! On to project number one: This is a card I made for my beautiful mother for her birthday. It turned out to be really sweet because everyone in the family signed it. We all went together and bought her a Kindle. She was so surprised! I love the pictures I got of her opening her present. She is so cute!
For this card I used My Mind's Eye Follow Your Heart papers and May Arts SK09 Silk Ribbon and 384-34-09 Lace with Pearl Center . Project number two is a burlap table runner. I was inspired by one I saw on the internet somewhere, probably Pinterest, but when it came right down to it, this one is all my own. I am a very free-form crafter. I just cut it about as wide as I thought I wanted it, and then went from there. I had some muslin that I had ruffled previously for another project but never used, so it came in handy for this one. (and made this project much faster!) I just attached it to the ends of my burlap with hot glue and added May Arts 384-34-09 Lace with Pearl center trim to the top of my ruffles and voila! a fabulous table runner in no time!

Project number three is something I decided to try after seeing something similar in stores recently, and then finding a tutorial on Pinterest for aging and distressing painted wood. It takes a little time, but I think it is worth it. I enjoyed the process, and will definitely try it again.
Step One:
Gather a picture frame, 3 colors of paint, Ivory soap, sandpaper and a paintbrush.

 Step 2:
Paint frame base color. I chose black, grey and white because I wanted a shabby, antique-y look when I was finished, so I started with my darkest color first.
 Step 3:
After first coat is dry, rub Ivory soap in random places where you want to sand off the next coat and have the bottom coat show through. The soap helps the paint sand off easily.
 Step 4:
Paint your second coat.
 Step 5:
After second coat is dry, rub Ivory in a few more places.
 Step 6:
Apply third coat of paint. After it is dry, sand over the areas where soap was applied.
 Step 7:
Adhere trim to opening of frame. Again, I used May Arts 384-34-09 Lace with Pearl Center. I just can't get enough of that one right now! At this point you could embellish to your heart's content, but I didn't want the frame or embellishments to overshadow the special picture I wanted to put in this frame.
This is my Gramma in her nursing graduation photo. She passed away this winter and I miss her very much so I am going to put this precious photo in my new special frame in a place where I will often see her smile. Thank you for sharing part of your day with me. I hope I have inspired you to pull out your ribbon and create something fun today!

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